About Us


Our Story / Informacione Per Ne

 The Aliu brothers Ilir, Irfan, and Kenan grew up first generation Albanian-American with a father who loved to make charcuterie in there home kitchen. Being taught by there father how to cure meats and salami the old fashion way. There father always emphasizes in make excellent products and taking there time with no shortcut.They immigrated to United States from Kosovo in the year 1999 where there parents taught them to work hard. At three brothers we are know for making excellent salami's and  Balkan charcuterie especially Suxhuk. Our products tell story's of there own when eating them you can tell the difference in the time and quality that is put in. We all strive in producing excellent products for are customer to consume.  



Products/ Produktet

  All of are meat products used at three brothers are USDA and Halal Certified. We use 100 % meat no MSG in are products. Our casing that we use are Halal Certified beef and sheep Casing we don't use any synthetic casing in are products. Our products are Natural smoked with real wood  and cured. we produce artisan sausage by hand.




Our Commitment/ Angazhimin Tone

  Our commitment to our customers is to give you a product that is a 100 % meat product also an halal certified. We stand in what we Produce for it quality.